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What is QWO?

Cellulite anywhere can lead to endless amounts of insecurity. However, it can be especially distressing when it appears on the buttocks. It can make it incredibly hard to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, underwear, or any other revealing form of clothing. While cellulite is perfectly natural, it doesn't lend itself to the appearance that most women would like to have. Fortunately, at Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center, we offer an innovative new injectable treatment known as QWO. This advanced treatment is designed specifically to target the cellulite located on the buttocks. Dr. Mary Pentel and her talented staff are highly experienced in providing QWO injections to reduce the appearance of cellulite for our patients in Jacksonville, FL.

Am I a Candidate for QWO?

Though QWO is typically considered to be a safe and effective treatment for patients of virtually all ages, there are a few instances when it may not be recommended. For example, patients who have an infection, diabetes, are pregnant, or have a bleeding problem are not generally considered to be ideal candidates for QWO. Additionally, patients should not have loose skin or varicose veins on the buttocks. The treatment is usually advised for patients who:

  • Are at a healthy, stable weight
  • Have cellulite on their buttocks
  • Possess toned skin on the buttocks

How Does QWO Work?

During your consultation, we'll listen to your unique goals and concerns before creating a custom treatment plan designed with your precise needs in mind. Once this has been agreed upon, we will ask you to lay on your stomach while we mark the areas of your buttocks that will receive injections. The treatment will then begin with injections being made into many of the dimples formed by the cellulite. Afterward, a member of our staff will walk you through the aftercare process, and you'll be free to return to your normal, daily life.

What Results Can I Expect from QWO?

While patients are free to return home, work, or almost anywhere else they'd like to be after the treatment, there are a few small rules. Patients should not exercise or perform heavy lifting for at least two days after the procedure in order to allow their body to properly recover. In the immediate aftermath of the treatment, some patients may experience a bit of bruising or discomfort, but this is totally expected and should fade on its own within only a few days. In most cases, we recommend patients receive three QWO treatments, each spaced about three weeks apart. Patients will usually notice peak results around four weeks after their final session.

QWO: For Younger, Smoother buttocks

Don't let dimples in your buttocks stop you from feeling completely confident in your body. At Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center, we offer QWO injections to eliminate the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks in just three short sessions. Contact our office in Jacksonville, FL today to discuss the benefits of this groundbreaking treatment with Dr. Pentel or a member of her staff.