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Welcome to our practice! Our purpose for this channel is to educate you about different procedures to help with skin health.


Dr. Mary Pentel: Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Pentel, Southside Dermatology & Laser Cosmetic Center. We have a dermatology office where we do general dermatology and surgery. On the other side, we have a laser cosmetic center here.

Dr. Mary Pentel: I'm starting a YouTube video because I love educating people. So on this YouTube video, I am going to help you talk about consults, about skin conditions, about certain procedures of cosmetics, and all that stuff that may benefit you.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So I'd like you to go ahead and come and meet my staff and look and see my office.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So this is our waiting room, and that is my fabulous staff. You're going to see I really like my office, but I really feel like honestly the place you go to, what makes it special is the staff. I have a wonderful staff, and when you come here, you'll totally agree with me. But this is our waiting room. I love and believe in product. And it doesn't have to be expensive. We have so much different price range. And just because I feel like through using skin care products will really, really maintain your results and help enhance your results. So that's why I like products.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So this is our product line. And they're busy doing work, so come back here. I might have to be a little quiet because some of these people might be doing procedures. So, come on in. We have procedures right here where we have an injectable room where we do a lot of neuromodulators, Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport, Entyvio, all the fillers, lots of different things, because we like to customize our treatments to our patients. So we really pick out fillers that we feel will best suit you and your needs, and we use the properties of the fillers to be make sure that we get the best natural results. Come on in.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So these are our laser treatment rooms. And we have about three or four. And honestly, I have every single laser and device, I think. It's easier for me to tell you what I don't have than what I do have. But let me just show you an example. Okay?

Dr. Mary Pentel: So this is one of our laser rooms. And this is Ashley. Say hello, Ashley. So of course we have everything. We have microneedling. We have lasers for vascular. We have lasers for pigmentation. So several different things.

Dr. Mary Pentel: Oh, and there is Katie. Katie is one of our physician's assistants.

Katie: Hello.

Dr. Mary Pentel: She's very good. She's very nice. And she's very, very good at what she does.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So here, this is our lounge area where our patients sit. They relax before the procedure. And they also sit here and do topical numbing.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So again, one of my favorite devices right here. We have the Gentle Max Pro, we have the Frazel. Like I said, lots and lots of devices. Come on in.

Dr. Mary Pentel: And this area, we have estheticians. So besides having PAs and our physicians, our estheticians are really good. You can have hydro-facial, May here does great microblading, lashes, everything.

Dr. Mary Pentel: And we have here our M-Scope because that's one of my favorite what we call body contouring devices and fat melting devices. So muscle building and fat melting. Really willing. Nice people love it. There's no downtime and we have several of them and I'll show you other devices we've had.

Dr. Mary Pentel: We have our VISIA right here. And our VISIA, I love computerized analysis where I can do a baseline on you, so then when you follow up, you can see how much improvement that you had.

Dr. Mary Pentel: These pieces are our consult room. Like I said, we really encourage somebody to get a consult for everything because a consult will give you an idea on what we can do to help you. We have so many treatments. We're not making one laser treat everyone. We're going to have you have the laser work for you and the devices work for you.

Dr. Mary Pentel: These sculpting devices, we have two sculpting devices.

Dr. Mary Pentel: This is our procedure room. That has a lot of different procedures. I love resurfacing. We have core, we have erbium, we have micro needling. We have so many different devices that does all skin types. So whether you're skin of color, we have devices that are FDA approved and safe for your skin.

Dr. Mary Pentel: And I forgot over here. This is our dermatology office right here. So it's great to have a dermatologist right next door because if you have a pigment or lesion that you're not sure you should laser, well guess what? We'll evaluate that so we can laser it so it'll be safe for you.

Dr. Mary Pentel: So that is my office. Sorry it's such a whirlwind. But come here and we'll definitely give you a closer private tour, and then you can check out what we have and we can talk about what your needs are and your concerns are. But I want to start doing videos, and I'm going to educate you and sort of do a mini consults and just show you a couple of things that we do that may benefit you. Have a good day.